Can anyone have eyelash extensions?

No. If you have any of the following, we regret that you will not be suitable for eyelash extensions:

  • Any current eye conditions such as conjunctivitis, a stye, blepharitis.
  • If you have had a positive reaction to the patch test.
  • If you are pregnant or nursing.
  • If you have less than three years’ all clear from cancer.

Eyelash extensions require a platform of natural eyelashes to act as a structure. If you have very few, sparse eyelashes it is unlikely that this treatment will be suitable for you. In short, we can’t attach an eyelash extension to something that isn’t there (with the possible exception of Express lashes or a stacking technique. Your technician will advise if you are suitable for this).

How long do they last?

This depends on how well you follow your after care, making sure you clean and wash your lashes daily (apart from the first 24 hours) and how quickly your own eyelashes grow.

Classic lash extensions are attached to your own eyelashes one at a time so will grow out and shed along with your natural lash cycle. To keep your lashes looking their best it is recommended that you have them infilled approximately every two weeks. If you use eye drops or any lash regrowth serum, are on HRT or medication which affects hormones, you may not get the same longevity from your treatment as you would otherwise. The average person loses four natural eyelashes a day but, where you may not have noticed this before, will be much more obvious with extensions attached. This does not mean your lashes are all falling out, just that you notice them on your pillow now! Eyelash extensions do not last 2-3 months. This isn’s possible without infills due to the rate of natural lash regrowth so please avoid anyone claiming this.

Important! Professional eyelash extension technicians spend thousands of hours, and pounds, training. They will have essential equipment such as a humidifier, dehumidifier, air conditioning unit to control the humidity and temperature of the salon. This is essential for eyelash extension glue to adhere properly so your extensions last as long as possible. Whether working from home or in a salon, all eyelash extension technicians worth their salt have these. Please do not go to any lash tech who says you don’t need a patch test first. It may render their insurance invalid. We all know it’s a pain but these are your eyes we’re dealing with here!

Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

Each client’s natural lashes will be assessed upon consultation so that the correct curl, length and thickness of eyelash extension is selected for them. It is essential that the correct weight is selected to avoid damage. The thicker the eyelash extension, the more it will weigh so it is very important that clients’ expectations are managed. As long as appropriate extensions are applied by a professional then there is no reason why eyelash extensions can’t be worn long term.

Can I wear mascara?

Why would you want to?! If you insist please only wear mascara suitable for use with eyelash extensions (your lash technician can advise). Oil free eye makeup and remover is essential as oils break down the glue bonds which can result in more frequent infills being required. Gel and liquid eye liner are definite ‘no, no’s’ as they break down the glue bonds quickly and invite bacteria.
Please use pencil only.

What are eyelash extensions made from?

We use a mixture of extremely high quality synthetic eyelash extensions. We do not believe there is any such thing as cruelty free brushing of mink so, as we do not support cruelty to animals, we do not supply mink eyelash extensions.

Why should I have eyelash extensions?

Would you like to never wear mascara again? Would you like to look great first thing in the morning? Would you like to go swimming, on holiday, to a wedding, without fear of your mascara running? Would you like to enhance and flatter your eyes, making you look younger?

Eyelash extensions cut out the hassle of mascara and make you look awake and beautiful no matter what time of day. Techniques can be used to draw attention to, or away from, particular areas, creating a fabulous set of lashes. Eyelash extensions are a fantastic treatment for ladies who don’t wear makeup but want to look fresh and beautiful with minimum fuss.

How do I look after my eyelash extensions?

Please do not get your eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours to allow the glue to completely cure.

Do not go into saunas or steam rooms for 48 hours following the treatment.

After the initial 24 hours it is important to keep your eyelashes clean by washing them daily and removing all traces of eye makeup with oil free remover. If washing lashes, gently pat dry and brush into place with a clean mascara wand.

Resist playing, rubbing or touching your gorgeous new lashes. The gentler you are with your extensions, the longer they’ll last. For maximum longevity less is more!

Try not to crush your lashes when sleeping.

Avoid all makeup removers containing oil, glycerine, glycol, petroleum. Even ‘sensitive’ eye makeup removers may contain these ingredients so please ask your technician for recommended products.

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